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Venous Disease
Vein Disease Fast Facts: Vein disease can affect people at any age. Chronic leg cramping or restless leg syndrome may indicate vein disease. Varicose veins are part of the venous disease continuum. Vein disease has a strong genetic component.

Magazine Archive

Summer 2019FOCUS: Skin
Although veins are located beneath the skin, the body’s “end organ” can tell us a lot about the state of a person’s vein health.

Fall 2018FOCUS: Pelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome
Finding answers for pelvic pain.

Magazine Archive

Fall 2017FOCUS: Standing on the Job
Many occupations carry the risk of leg pain and fatigue, but the problem could be related to veins.

Fall 2016FOCUS: New Alternatives
The most current “non-thermal, non-tumescent” techniques for varicose vein treatment.

Fall 2016FOCUS: Athletes & Veins
Active people often attribute leg pain to strained muscles—but what about venous disease?

Summer 2015FOCUS: Modern compression
Graduated compression stockings become more wearable, and even stylish.

Fall 2014FOCUS: The venous and lymphatic systems
A new perspective on lymphedema gains traction in across medical specialties.

Winter 2014FOCUS: VEINS & FEET
There is a direct connection between veins and feet— and the specialists who treat both.

Summer 2013FOCUS: Women & Veins
Gender can be a risk factor for venous disease.

Spring 2013FOCUS: Breakthroughs in DVT Treatment
Learn how to recognize the signs of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), plus we look at one treatment that’s showing promising results.

Winter 2013FOCUS: Venous Ulcers: the Advanced Stage of Venous Disease
There are numerous treatments for leg ulcers, including the remedy of underlying causes. We also explore the various complications of venous ulcers, as well as paths to healing.

Fall 2012FOCUS: Graduated Compression Therapy
Learn the essentials— and benefits— of graduated compression. An expert in compression and communication provides practical tips for donning and doffing compression stockings.

Summer 2012FOCUS: Seniors and Venous Disease
Discover how finding solutions for venous insufficiency is one aspect of successful aging. Plus, learn how patients can take control of their vein health during warm weather or summer months.

Spring 2012FOCUS: DVT Awareness
We review the symptoms, dangers and treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), as well as efforts to inform the public. We also take a closer look at phlebology, the study and treatment of veins— and one of the fastest-growing subspecialties today.